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Christian Louboutin, born in 1963 in Paris by his mother put him and the home of the four sisters brought up, his father was a skilled carpenter. His 16-year-old dropped out of school to go to the French shoe industry center --Romans-sur-Isere, and cheap christian louboutin made an apprentice. In his 12 years, he would often skip class to go to France to see a number of nightclubs female model shows, because he was attracted by women dressed in high heels and high heels as he became a designer of spiritual power, he said: "Those women Models are a great influence on me, if you like high heels, and that is really the first high heels, it is about the legs, what to wear to walk all the body decoration. They are the first idol. "Although because of this long decided to drop out of christian louboutin shoes, Luo Boting encountered many people's opposition, but he claimed, after watching a television program after picking Sophia Lauren, his has been determined. Program, Lauren introduced her sister, said she was only 12 years old when he had to drop out of school, but in her five years old when he got her degree. I think: Everyone whom the cheers. christian louboutin discount, at least if I regret that I decided to be like her sister as Sophia Lauren.
Christian Louboutin's signature red soles are also available from accidental. When his assistant is giving himself wipe red nail polish, he grabbed the bottle, in their own half of the discount christian louboutin design sketches drawn to add a few strokes. "That's just my hand painting, but soon became my logo ...... I see it as a provocative element with." He said. Many of his customers have revealed that red soles have a fatal attraction to men.
08 autumn and winter T station is clearly dominated by high-heeled shoes, Louboutin is a well-known fan of cheap christian louboutin shoes high heels. He slipped away from this complex famous Paris cabaret nightclub ThePalace see early when still at school - in the 1970s, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Grace Jones are regulars there. "Those Showgirls deeply affected me," he said, "If you like high heels, then it is the ultimate high-heeled christian louboutin cheap - the key lies in how they decorate their legs, and how they move freely and that is my ultimate. idol. "
Although far less than the high-heeled shoes flat shoes charm (they are cute, but not hot), but the fact can not be ignored: Not every woman has the ability to put on ten centimeters high heels. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the British trade unions most employers can not force women requires an employee to wear high heels more than 4 cm of shoes, they think high heels mean gender discrimination, in the long run, very detrimental to health.
In this regard, Louboutin hold moderation attitude. "Comfort is important, I think suffer for authentic christian louboutin beauty is meaningless," he said, "a pair of shoes not only to look good, they can not make people feel uncomfortable." He added that many of his designs have a hidden forefoot bottom, although with high may reach 18 centimeters, in fact, at the height of about 12 centimeters. "If you like to wear high heels, then 12 cm should be within your affordable range.